Turtle Beach PX5s: The Sound Savior

I’ve got news for you: You are not playing your games correctly. I will repeat that. You are not playing your games correctly. The only reason I say this is that if you were like me, sitting in front of your television going about your business, you are missing out. Don’t fret, there is a cure and it comes in the form of headphones that will bring you back to the promised land that is your game. Turtle Beach has released its crème de la crème of headphones – the PX5. A wireless headset that supports the Xbox and PS3, this Bluetooth, 7.1

Ask The Apple Geek: Should I Hold Out For The iPad 3?

I have a rule of thumb with technology, one I’ve broken many, many times, and that rule is this: Don’t wait. If you really want something, and can afford it, buy it. If you’re holding out for a gadget to reach a final, all-encompassing level of perfection, you’ll die in the process. Yes, in six months something new will come out that will make your once-shiny device lose its luster. Then, another six months will pass, and they’ll put out something superior still. When the original iPad was announced, I ordered it immediately. I knew my friends were right when

Tritton AX 720s Are Too Good for Bad Games

Given the rapid expansion of technology applied to gaming headsets and stereo equipment in general, one might assume that most game developers in this day and age would have a vested interest in producing the highest quality soundscapes possible. But slap on a pair of Tritton AX 720s and you’ll soon discover deep flaws in sound design that the puny speakers in your flatscreen could never highlight. Although, I guess that also depends on the game at hand.

A Split Subject: Coming To Terms With Artificial Intelligence (In Brief)

HAL is real, and it plays Jeopardy! In an interesting competitive twist, the legendary quiz show featured “Watson,” an IBM supercomputer possessing the ability to understand and process natural language, facing off against past Jeopardy! icons Brad Rutter and Ken Jennings. The computer won. Although this is by no means a sign of the end times, Ken Jennings was closer to the truth than he may believe when he joked “I for one welcome our new computer overlords.” Perhaps he shouldn’t be so hasty.