Second Banana

Ethan Sacks looks at the role of the sidekick – from the problematic to the progressive.

A ?-Year Mission…

With J.J. Abrams warping into the Star Wars universe, Ethan Sacks ponders the future of the rebooted Star Trek franchise.

The Lightbulb

Ethan Sacks interviews creators – from Guillermo Del Toro to Stan Lee – about the origins of their ideas.

The Many Ends of the World

How will the world end? Ethan Sacks counts the ways.

Heroes’ Haven

Need a superhero? Come to New York City. Ethan Sacks explains why the Big Apple is the center of universe for comics.

The Monster and the Critics

Ethan Sacks tries to make some sense of the Aurora, Colorado, theater massacre and some of the knee-jerk media reactions it inspired.