Notes on a Relationship with Faith No More

Gus Mastrapa sees Faith No More live and talks about his long relationship with seminal, ever-metamorphosing metal band.

The End of Pretension

Pretension +1 is ending, but Gus Mastrapa will return more powerful than you can possibly imagine.

Joy of a Toy

I was a clumsy kid. I was such a klutz – a total failure at sports, P.E. and general moving around the place – that my mother sought professional help for me. We lived in North Carolina at the time – it was around ‘82 – so I was 10. I remember driving to an unfamiliar part of Charlotte. A university campus? Or maybe some collection of government buildings? We went into a small medical office where I was subjected to a barrage of physical tests. My mother got a binder full of results. And I got a new after-school

Ninja Blues

There’s a new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie coming out. I’m not here to savage the thing. That’s the work of countless, more predictable others. I am here, though, to explain why I ever liked the goofy comics in the first place. Partly because Unwinnable’s boss man so flippantly dismissed ‘em. He’s totally right, though.

A GDC Cyber Struggle

Is there a secret, high stakes Netrunner tournament at the Unwinnable GDC Salon?

A Chat on Titans

Gus Mastrapa learns Titanfall isn’t the best place to chat.