Revenge of the Toy Hunter: Spring Spectacular

The last few months have been a blur due mostly to my projects with Unwinnable. We last left off at Toy Fair 2011 and after that I moved on to Pax East 2011 in Boston. Then after a bout with Pax Pox and a concussion, we flowed into the ground breaking Geek Flea. I got to see some great toys in between but I don’t always crave toys in the traditional sense of an action figure or robot. Sure, I just bought the exclusive version of Sideshow Toy’s Red Ninja from their G.I. Joe license and even though that is

X-Rays, Joysticks and Fatalities

There were many, many games I wanted to test run at PAX East and Mortal Kombat was at the top of my list. I have been playing MK since the first game and even reminisced this weekend about playing it in college under the tutelage of another fellow student and soon surpassing the master at his own game. I can bring up past memories of Sports World in Paramus, NJ and how me and my cohorts reigned supreme during the MK II and III days amidst a sea of noobs. While I’ve owned just about every console version, none of