I’m Not A Bit

Lizzie danced around with a zombie, on the front lawn of the house where she, her sister Mika, and the two adults they were traveling with, Carol and Tyreese, had taken shelter. Carol was making tea in the kitchen, enjoying the luxury of clean water pumped out of a nearby well and a functioning gas stove.

Creating a Playground of Wonder

Scale is the freshest take on first-person perspective games I’ve seen since the original Portal. It is being developed by Steve Swink, who describes himself as a game designer first and foremost, but who also teaches game and level design, including master classes at NYU, and has published a book titled Game Feel: A Game Designer’s Guide to Virtual Sensation.

I’m not Afraid of Zombies, I’m Afraid of Us

In last week’s episode of The Walking Dead, a zombie ripped someone’s throat out and then that guy got up and ripped someone’s stomach open and before you know it a bunch of zombies were attacking a bunch of people until the humans came in and busted the zombies’ heads open with pipes and knives and I thought “Meh, that doesn’t seem that bad.”

Survival of the Geekiest

Dennis Scimeca crafts a side story about The Walking Dead‘s fall of Atlanta.

Words Can Make You Do Terrible Things

Dennis Scimeca sold his trombone for a bus ticket – all because of a MUD.

We Stared Into Infinity and Saw Only Madness

For Dennis Scimeca, Bioshock Infinite is exactly the game it is supposed to be.