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Exploits is a monthly, collaborative cultural diary.  It’s an exercise in building an irreverent Unwinnable canon: if Unwinnable writers have watched it, read it, played it or listened to it and think it is somehow important (even if they hate it), Exploits is where we’ll tell you how and why.

Available as a direct download PDF, each issue features an essay on the ways we interact with culture, followed by short essays and blurbs recommending noteworthy music, books, movies, television and games. 

About Unwinnable

Unwinnable is Different, and has been for over a dozen years. An award-winning website and magazine, our cultural criticism ranges from the silly (like this photo essay on sex toys) to the serious (like Yussef Cole’s look at the racist roots of Cuphead‘s animation style). We let our writers – fresh amateurs and experienced veterans alike – have free reign, meaning the stories you read here are unlike any other. We embrace all kinds of writing, on all kinds of subjects, by all kinds of people.

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