Symbiosis of the Troubadour and the Crowd

But Nick Cave and Touché Amoré have earned their fans through honest expressions, powerful storytelling, a willingness to embrace the stains of humanity in order to shine light on our virtues.

A sweaty man in a black shirt singing into a mic and being carried by a crowd. This is a still from Touche Amore.

List-O-Mania – September 2017

Team Unwinnable’s got some recommendations for ya…

Aren’t You Glad to Be An American?

A light shone on the gout-riddled veterans of pleasure above and a tribute to the mad oracles living in a Lovecraftian nightmare of our own making below.

A rich painting of a sort of bacchanal near orgy, a man in a tie and little else having his nipples painted by a thinner man who holds him aloft, a woman shielding his nudity from view. Around him rest similar older white men in states of undress, their colors rich and resplendent. This is the album cover for Veterans of Pleasure.

Battle Jacket – The Best Metal of September 2017

Casey Lynch delivers the best blistering metal of September.

Choir of the Mind, ASMR of the Soul

Playlists, mixes, links IM’d by friends, auto-plays based on cookies, and radio, each a tributary spiraling out in serpentines towards and through the larger rivers of our shared musical canon.

A womans torso, in blue, on a pink background. She is holding a bat with bright orange gloves and midway along the bottom of the image it has "Parental Advisory Explicit Content"

Rookie of the Year – Folk Yea, Twitter!

The Rookie of the Year has the time of his life pestering performers at the Newport Folk Festival on Twitter.