Ask The Apple Geek: Should I Hold Out For The iPad 3?

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  • I have a rule of thumb with technology, one I’ve broken many, many times, and that rule is this:

    Don’t wait.

    If you really want something, and can afford it, buy it. If you’re holding out for a gadget to reach a final, all-encompassing level of perfection, you’ll die in the process.

    Yes, in six months something new will come out that will make your once-shiny device lose its luster. Then, another six months will pass, and they’ll put out something superior still.

    When the original iPad was announced, I ordered it immediately. I knew my friends were right when they said it was missing features — and, naturally, some of them have made their way onto the iPad 2.


    No doubt the iPad 3 — rumored out in time for Christmas, of all infuriating @”$&”@$!? things — will be even better.

    But for the past year, my iPad has made my life infinitely cooler (not saying much, but I digress). I read books and magazines on it during my morning commute. I play games on the way home. I bring it to meetings. I crop, tone and add other effects to photos of my new nephew on the fly, email them from my sister’s couch, and — voila! — they go out as holiday cards. I stream Netflix movies. I make Skype calls, pay bills, and write notes, emails, instant messages, columns and blog posts — including this one. I play and record music. I navigate road trips.

    For a device I don’t actually need, it’s become pretty damn indispensable. And, rest assured, the past year of my life wasn’t erased when Steve Jobs took the stage Wednesday.

    As for determining whether you should get one yourself, well, I’m not sure it even matters which specs got added to this iteration of the iPad. In short, it’s far faster — lightning quick, judging from the Engadget videos — significantly slimmer (thinner than the iPhone!) and it now has cameras on the front and back so you can make unflattering video conference calls and awkwardly attempt to take photos. In other words, a great device just got a whole lot greater — regardless of whether the iPad 3 adds a retina display and Thunderbolt, or doubles as a Slap Chop.

    You still don’t need it. It’ll be outdated by Hannukah. And you’ll fucking love it.

    So, for those of you on the fence, I have this piece of advice about the iPad 2 — or anything, really, that makes a legitimate claim to being the best gadget on the market today:

    Now’s the time to buy.

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    Matt Marrone admits it might very well be time for some of you to buy an Android tablet. Hey, the Mets have fans too, right? Follow him on Twitter @thebigm.