The Grocery Store Rental

Erik Weinbrecht reflects on the forgotten joy of renting movies from the grocery store.

Roger Ebert, 1942-2013

Unwinnable remembers Roger Ebert.

Under the Mask

Erik Weinbrecht ponders the allure of an unknown horror film killer.

In America, We Celebrate With the Twilight Zone

Erik Weinbrecht enters a world not only of sight and sound but of awesomeness with his love of Syfy’s Twilight Zone marathon.

He Ain’t that Bad

Erik Weinbrecht is pretty sure that not all villains are all that bad. Let’s see who deserves to get cut some slack.

Uhhhrng Brains… How We Fell in Love With Zombies

Erik Weinbrecht applauds the world’s acceptance and newfound love for zombies.