Rearticulating Romania

Peter Lang examines the sentimental and aesthetic underpinnings of underground Romanian comics.

Her Name Was Maggie Evans

Kathryn Leigh Scott made an appearance at NYCC 2011 to discuss her time on Dark Shadows, as well as abdicating her ownership of Maggie Evans/Josette duPres.

After the Flood: A Critical Review of Orchid #1

Peter Lang reads Orchid #1 through the lens of Heraclitus’ notion of flux, a new evolution and the rewriting of mythologies.

Simpsons Headed Toward Lockout, Cancellation Looming.

The Simpsons seem headed toward a lockout, putting the upcoming 23rd season in jeopardy.

Patton Oswalt Reacts to DC/Nielsen Contract, Panders to Own Cliche

DC to contract Nielsen to survey readers. Patton Oswalt to continue bloviating.

Creature Countdown!

What are your picks for the Top 10 Giant Movie Monsters of all time?