Battle Jacket – October 2017

Every month is a good month for metal, but October especially so. Here’s our picks for the very best.

Geek Flea 14

Unwinnable Monthly – October 2017

The October issue of Unwinnable Monthly is out now! Whatever could be inside?

The Board Soul: The Old Shell Game

Sometimes not knowing is half the fun.

A woman with yellow hair and a typical spy get up, with the word "Secrets" in big letters next to her outstretched gun.

Revving the Engine – The SoulKeeper

Who needs dice and paper? Step into the virtual reality world of The SoulKeeper, an epic fantasy RPG.

Office of the General Counsel
Unwinnable Broadcast Network

October Spookfest: Saya no Uta

Saya no Uta (or Song of Saya) is a horror/romance visual novel that may easily be one of the most twisted stories I’ve ever read in my life.

A young girl with cute hair sticking crumpled like from her head, the light behind her glaring and white. This is a still from Saya No Uta .

Vidar Is a Reminder About the Finitude of Time

Modern roleplaying games (RPGs) can be cliché, with some aping the conventions of older games that influenced them.

A small figure in a snowy RPG world with the text "May the Gods shelter Borbalo in the Higher Realm"

Cuphead’s Difficulty Undermines its Aesthetic

Cuphead is a game that very much wants you to look at it. Studio HDMR has hand-crafted an absolutely gorgeous adventure that is like nothing else in the gaming landscape.

A six fingered devil creature, vignetted in black.