The App Hole: Pulled Out the Root

Don Becker took the penny tour of the Motorola Moto X and wound up asking for change.

The App Hole: Something Trivial

One of my greatest talents is my ability to retain useless information. State capitals. Stanley Cup champions. Complete discographies of classic rock bands. The rules of curling. I soaked up trivia like a sponge. I’m not sure what the trigger was that set me down that path. As a kid, my favorite game shows were ones that tested facts, The Joker’s Wild and Card Sharks especially. My dad used to bring home yearly editions of The World Almanac and Book of Facts and I’d read them cover to cover. I spent hours playing the same tapes of 2XL over and

The App Hole: Google Chromecast – A New Challenger Appears!

An already crowded media player marketplace sees Google step in, and Don Becker wonders if they just cleared the field entirely.

The App Hole: Bye-Bye, Messenger

Don Becker returns to The App Hole with a critique of Blackberry’s lackluster attempts to stay current.

The Mobius Strip of McGuinness

Don Becker watches the end of the career of professional wrestler Nigel McGuinness.

The App Hole: Shakedown Street

Don Becker wonders, “Has the push towards in-app purchases killed free gaming on smartphones?”