A Softer West Part 2 – Trigun

Part two in a two-part essay explore the themes and style of Yaushiro Nightow’s wildly popular western manga.

A black and white still from the manga Trigun, showing a dark night sky with high cliffs meeting the horizon.

A Softer West Part 1 – Trigun

Few settings lend themselves so well to explorations of violence as the Western.

Two dudes slouched together on a couch, one in a dark suit and the other in a light colored coat. This is a still from the manga Trigun.

Chasing Your Own Tail – Bungo Stray Dogs Vol. 4

The third volume of Bungo Stray Dogs ended with the promise of better things… [but this] this latest installment is so total a bit of backtracking that it’s hard not to feel as if it’s not playing at some greater thematic purpose in the clumsiest manner imaginable.

Three Japanese animated figures tumbling amid a falling stream of paper

Unemotional Investments – My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness

As unsparing as she is in presenting the minutiae of her feelings, Nabi has also constructed a formal shell that prevents her and reader both from actually engaging with the rawest elements of her story.

A panel from the comic My Lesbian Experience With Loneliness. In the middle of the two pieces of the panel it says "Some Differences." On the left hand side it has a picture of a woman concealing her breasts and wearing a pair of small underwear, the text "female body" underneath. The character is clearly excited over this image and she says "Fukken saved." On the right it has a more confused version of the character looking at a picture of a man posing in his underwear with the text "He's totally naked huh"

Witch Way To Go – Flying Witch Vol. 2

“It’s insubstantial, lighter than air, colorless, the pleasure of a cool breeze on a summer day two degrees right of ‘too hot.'”

About Gundam Time – Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt Vol. 4

“Better still, Ohtagaki’s newfound self-awareness has brought with it a welcome sense of the absurd impossible in the heady, edgy days of earlier volumes, and through this sense an expansion rather than a shrinking of dramatic possibilities.”

Still from Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt Vol. 4