Celebrities Who Have Endorsed Products

Celebrity endorsements are a great way to promote a product or service, simply because famous people have huge followings. Fans of celebs will listen to their recommendations regarding which businesses to support, so if you run a business of any size, getting help from celebrities can help you promote your offerings to the masses, and you might be surprised by how much interest is generated quickly once a celebrity starts talking about your brand.  This is similar to how a business would enlist the help of affiliates to promote their products, and then use analytics and tracking software to learn


The covid-19 pandemic affected every aspect of our lives, including education. Due to the rapid spread of covid-19 worldwide, all educational institutions had to be closed and were shifted to the online mode where students and teachers interact virtually. This transition from schooling to online classes was a great challenge for students and teachers. At first, it was exciting for students not to rush to their schools in the morning and attend classes from their rooms, but it became difficult for them later. Online classes affect both teachers and students mentally and physically. Some of the effects of online classes