The McMaster Files – What’s Old is New Again

XCOM never stopped being great.

The McMaster Files – The Slow Quiet Mortality of the Long Dark

Jason’s been killed by Nazis, mystical beasts and the hordes of hell, but this is the first time he’s ever been afraid of the snow. 

The McMaster Files – Stimulants and Gaming

The McMaster Files took a sample product from a PR flack and had to figure out something to write about it…

The McMaster Files – The Spoiler Game

To stream, or not to stream?

The McMaster Files – Zombicide: Black Plague

Tired of zombies? Don’t hold it against Zombicide: Black Plague – there’s way more to it than hordes of the undead.

The McMaster Files: Far Harbor

Fallout 4‘s Far Harbor may be impossible to play, thanks to Jason’s memories of the real Bar Harbor.