Choir of the Mind, ASMR of the Soul

Playlists, mixes, links IM’d by friends, auto-plays based on cookies, and radio, each a tributary spiraling out in serpentines towards and through the larger rivers of our shared musical canon.

A womans torso, in blue, on a pink background. She is holding a bat with bright orange gloves and midway along the bottom of the image it has "Parental Advisory Explicit Content"

Deathmatch: The Definition of Frustration

These are just games, and I’m being a little dramatic. But it’s worth considering what we allow the media we enjoy to wring out of us—the catharsis of great pathos or joy from a safe distance.

Red faced, Winston from Overwatch screams at the camera.

Helping Ted Leo Help Himself

Perhaps I took Ted for granted, assuming he’d always tear through town again either on the festival footpath or in an Allston living room.

A carnival like atmosphere with a sketch of a man upside down in a water tub, framed by two people. This is the cover for Ted Leo's the Hanged Man.

Come Sail Away, Mr. Roboto: future of the left and the Passion of the Medley

future of the left have constructed this one around a song by their former band not simply out of obligation to their frothing followers, but because it’s fun to play.

One man stands playing a guitar and singing, behind him a woman.

Gang of Clones: The Heart of Orphan Black

Orphan Black mostly carried itself as a character-based mystery cop procedural, with main clone Sarah leading the charge against the many forces that sought to exploit her sisters and her daughter

A woman with brunette hair and deep set eyes stands in front of a black background, the women behind her blurred out in motion blur. This is a promotional image for Orphan Black.

The Leisure of Light Obsession & No Man’s Sky

We all do this to some degree, despite current tiny home fads and trends in extreme minimalist lifestyles. I’m buried with guilt by books read and unread, records haphazardly purchased at shows and while travelling, Steam games, etc., so I’m a bit of a hypocritical son.

Very intense macro shot of the magenta eyes of a fly, paired in the center of the screen.