Here’s the Thing – That Old Super Sentai Magic

After more than 20 years, Rob has rediscovered the simple yet somehow majestic elegance of super sentai toys. Apparently Transformers were just the beginning.

Here’s the Thing – Derailing the Hype Train

Hype is the great ruiner.

Here’s the Thing: Sick of Chosen Ones

Why does it always have to be a prophecy?

Here’s the Thing: Making Peace with Resident Evil 4

OK, maybe, just maybe, Resident Evil 4 wasn’t as bad as I thought it was back in 2005.

Here’s the Thing: e(ternal?)Sports

The future of mobile eSports is cash and prizes.

I <3 Monster Hunter

“So how can Monster Hunter be accessible if it’s so inaccessible? Options.” Rob Rich expounds on his love for Monster Hunter.