The Game Take is the Worst Take

It’s hard to watch sites pat themselves on the back super hard for only the tip of the iceberg.

A series of fake captions arranged across a background. The largest and most legible read: "HUMAN TRAFFICKING IN THE AGE OF XBOX ONE", "HOW HURRICANE VICTIMS ARE HURTINGS BECAUSE THEY CAN’T PLAY OVERWATCH", GAMES AND OBAMACARE: WHAT ABOUT THE GAMERS?", "HOMOCIDE IN DC AND THE RISE OF THE JAPANESE RPG", "Just like us: How does Trump’s cabinet game? ", "CIVIL FORFEITURE AND THE SONY PLAYSTATION 4", "What does Global Warming Mean to You, A Gamer? "

The Unspoken Glory of Tardiness

Coming to things late lets you take it at a pace all your own, a pace dictated by nothing more than how you feel on that day or in that week.

a dark haired Japanese man leans up against a car, a large rock formation cutting like a ribbon across the sky in the background. This is a still from the game Final Fantasy XV.

2017’s It Isn’t Scary, It’s Frightening

It’s strangest quality as a film is that it’s a horror movie that is simply not very scary. While the line between scary and not is porous, subjective, and obtuse, it’s up to a movie to either define its terms or define itself in relation to existing ones.

Red lips in a white face with a ruffle behind, a red balloon partially consider the face. This is a still of Pennywise from It.

Last Week’s Comics 8/30/2017

Team Unwinnable shares their thoughts on this week’s James Bond: Moneypenny One Shot and last week’s Thor special, Generations: The Thunder.

Sonic Mania is the Apotheosis of Fanmakes

Its nostalgia that’s not been weaponized by corporate culture against those of us who do have rosy feelings about times since gone.

Sonic, his legs a circle of red below him, runs along a green rolling hill in a pixel art style. This is a screen from Sonic Mania.

Last Week’s Comics 8/16/2017

Team Unwinnable shares their thoughts on The Wicked + The Divine # 30 and James Bond: Kill Chain # 2.