Destiny 2 Made Me Love the Grind

The Grind is a trying time, when patience is tested and loyalty is questioned. I love it.

A series of future buildings lit in blues and greens.

Your Game Shelf is a Toolbox

Your game shelf is a monument to years of careful research, of building the the perfect collection to fit any situation.

A collection of tabletop games, with the text "tabletop toolbox" in big white letters in the foreground.

Secret Hitler is Painfully Relevant

Shouting accusations of “Fascist!” and “Hitler!” across the table was no longer a fun novelty, it was a gross and uncomfortable reality.

On a noisey red background, there is the title Secret Hitler in bold white and black lettering and in the foregound is a stamp that reads "thank you." This is a promotional material for the game Secret Hitler.

and then we held hands is a Game of Discomfort

There’s a fine balance at work in …and then we held hands, and you must take care of yourself before you can help your partner.

a series of things that at first glance look like doves, but on closer appraisal appear to be made of tiny hands. This is the cover art for and then we held hands.

Kodama: The Tree Spirits Puts Nature Before Rules

Kodama: The Tree Spirits is a game about growing trees. In nature, trees to not follow a blueprint or a predetermined path; they grow how they please, their branches forming a unique natural fingerprint. Like snowflakes or people, no two are exactly alike, which makes building a board game about growing trees tricky. Games have structure and rules, a literal book that tells you how to play. Nature and games are seemingly at odds, but Kodama manages to pull off a well-balanced game about growing trees while capturing the free-form, aimless beauty of nature. In Kodama, players aim to please the titular

Kodama: The Tree Spirits cover art with some soft creatures with long arms and happy faces peering around trees.

How Valve is Making Dota Approachable

This year Valve has gone out of their way to make Dota 2 more approachable, and the results are impressive.

Text that reads The International Dota 2 Championship