Stalingrad was Call of Duty’s Perfect Moment

It’s always strange to praise such things, but the brilliance of Call of Duty’s take on the Battle of Stalingrad is that it felt decidedly unlike a video game.

A smoky, pixelated background with several power lines in the distance. This is a still from Call of Duty 1

The Case For Style as Substance

In Persona 5, even doing your laundry is accompanied by unique melodies and outrageous animations not found anywhere else in the game.

The Joy of Justified Nostalgia

“He was suggesting that I only consider Earthbound to be my favorite game because I choose to remember it as such.”

In PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS, Winning is Refreshingly Irrelevant

BATTLEGROUNDS treats unwinnable scenarios as part of the experience.”

My Three Year Quest to Suffer Through L.A. Noire

What makes L.A. Noire so frustrating is that it seems to resent the things that make it great and love the things that it simply can not do.

How Organic Shopping Lists Can Save Open World Gaming

“If there’s a griffin to be killed, let me overhear a conversation about it and make my own decisions.”