Confessions of a Toy Hunter: The Toy Fair 2011 Hay Room



One of the best parts of any show is the swag. I mostly obtained reference material but I’ve been to shows where I’ve walked out with t-shirts, pens and the like. Other than a free tote bag and some reading material, I guess I didn’t stumble upon anyone giving away free candy or toys. Some dealers were even selling toys. I bring this up because I had specific mission orders from Charles Moran to get him a sticker by Gaming Heads because they make Team Fortress 2 figures and support Valve and blah blah blah. After leaving Underground Toys’ booth, I made a 180 and walked straight into Gaming Heads booth. They had some glass display cabinets and a card table with 4 chairs in the middle. Very sparse considering what most vendors had on display (sorry Charles, no stickers). Quite frankly, it didn’t matter. Their Team Fortress 2 statues and figures looked amazing.

Team Fortress 2 Blu Soldier

Here’s The Blu Soldier from Team Fortress 2. 

TF 2 Red Heavy

Here’s the Red Heavy action figure.

TF 2 Blu Heavy

Here’s a shot of the Blu Heavy action figure.

TF 2 Red Heavy Statue

And finally, the Red Heavy statue. They leap right out of your 20 something inch HD monitor and right onto your bookshelf and they look beautiful.

Toy Fair Street Fighter Action Figure

They had a Tank from Left 4 Dead that was mind blowing. And you can see the Headcrab Zombie from Half Life 2 off to the right.

I walked over to McFarlane’s booth, but they were doing multiple interviews so I thought I would wait until it cleared out in order to get some good looks at the new Walking Dead line. I bee lined over to Diamond Select’s booth and inspected their figures and statues.

Emma Frost and Winter Soldier

Here is what I think is Emma Frost on the left and the treacherous Winter Soldier on the right just in time for Captain America.

DC Super Heroes Real Ghostbusters MEGO Style

Also over at Diamond Select, Mattel’s 8 inch MEGO styled DC Heroes and Real Ghostbusters lines.

Toy Fair Green Lantern Bust

Green Lantern bust and action figures along with a Superman, Supergirl and Krypto the Super Dog box set.

Toy Fair Superman Statue

DC Comics Superhero Collection featuring Solomon Grundy, Blue Beetle, Bizarro, Doomsday and Superman. Another superhero collection and a gold Superman. Upon further inspection the Superhero Collection seems to be the Batman themed one.

That about wraps up this Toy Fair report, so tune in tomorrow to find out about The Walking Dead!


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