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  • You’re all doomed!


  • Unmixable, an all music broadcast: Kursse in Return to Planet X

    Kursse: I wanted to do a mix inspired by videogames and sci-fi. Through all the versions, I realized there was a common theme; the sound of 8 bit. You will be hearing covers of video game themes, songs made with Gameboys and tunes from movies that will, hopefully, transport you to a high-tech world with a lo-fi sound.

    “Wizards and Warriors” – NintendoCore
    “Muck” – Baseck
    “Bubble Bobble Remix” – Astroboy
    “Defender of the Castle” – Shawn Lee, Bully
    “Pogo the Monkey” – Grand Theft Auto 3
    “Pac-Man” – Powerpill
    “Descent into New York” – John Carpenter, Escape from New York
    “The Grid” – Daft Punk, TRON Legacy
    “Welcome Home R2” – The Kosmik Kommando
    “Dr. Who?” – Orbital
    “Eye of Eight” – Otto von Schirach
    “Want You Gone” – Jonathan Coulton, Portal 2
    “Metroid Metal” – Stemage
    “Blaster Master/Contra” – Minibosses
    “A Light Dusting” – Army of 2600 / “Prison Introduction” – John Carpenter, Escape from New York
    “No Remorse (I Wanna Die)” – Atari Teenage Riot & Slayer
    “Glut” – Nivek Ogre & Mark Walk, Descent 2
    “Gamma Encounter” – NESMETAL, Zombie Birthday Cake
    “Still Alive” – Jonathan Coulton, Portal

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