Unmixable: Modern Prog

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  • Don Becker has brought us a cross section of some of his favorite modern prog rock. He wants us not to worry.

    The songs are longer than you might normally expect from an Unmixable episode. There’s more of a focus on precision and performance than emotion. Very little of this mix follows the verse/chorus/verse structure of most popular music. Don’t be afraid…


    Van Der Graaf Generator – “Interference Patterns” (H. Banton/G. Evans/P. Hammill) from the 2008 EMI album Trisector. Hugh Banton: organ, bass guitar Guy Evans: drums, percussion Peter Hammill: vocals, pianos

    Izz- “Late Night Salvation” (P. Bremner/A. Byrnes/B. Coralian/G. diMiceli/J. Galgano/T. Galgano/L. Meade) from the 2005 Doone Records album My River Flows. Tom Galgano: keys, vocals Paul Bremner: guitars Greg diMiceli: acoustic drums, percussion Brian Coralian: acoustic and electronic drums, percussion John Galgano: bass, guitars, vocals, keys Anmarie Byrnes: vocals Laura Meade: vocals

    Discipline – “Dead City” (M. Parmenter) from the 2011 Strung Out Records album To Shatter All Accord. Matthew Parmenter: vocals, keys, descants Jon Preston Bouda: guitars Mathew Kennedy: bass Paul Dzendzel: skins, percussion

    Disctrict 97 – “I Can’t Take You With Me” (J. Schang) from the 2010 Lasers Edge album Hybrid Child. Leslie Hunt: lead and backing vocals Katinka Kleijn: cello Rob Clearfield: keyboards Jim Tashjian: guitars Patrick Mulcahy: bass Jonathan Schang: drums, percussion

    Marillion – “If My Heart Were A Ball It Would Roll Uphill” (S. Hogarth/S. Rothery/M. Kelly/P. Trewavas/I. Mosley) from the 2001 Intact Records albumAnoraknophobia Steve Hogarth: voice Steven Rothery: guitars Mark Kelly: keyboards Pete Trewavas: bass Ian Mosley: drums

    Astra – “Quake Meat” (R. Vaughan/C. Riley/B. Ellis/S. Sclater/D. Hurley) from the 2012 Metal Blade album The Black Chord. Richard Vaughan: vocals, guitars, keyboards Conor Riley: vocals, keyboards Brian Ellis: guitars Stuart Sclater: bass David Hurley: drums, percussion, flute

    Sun Domingo – “Mad Maze” (E. Groves, Jr.) from the 2011 Glassville album Songs For End Times. Kyle Corbett: guitars, synths Edgel Groves, Jr.: guitars, synths Daniel Gordon: bass Richie Torrance: drums, percussion John Wesley: solo guitar

    Riverside – “Out Of Myself” (M. Duda/P. Grudzinski/J. Melnicki/P. Kozieradzki) from the 2004 Inside Out album Out of Myself. Mariusz Duda: vocals, bass Piotr Grudzinski: guitar Piotr Kozieradzki: drums Jacek Melnicki: keyboards

    Beardfish – “A Love Story” (R. Sjoblom) from the 2006 Progress Records album The Sane Day. Rikard Sjoblom: vocals, guitar, organ, keys & synthesizers David Zackrisson: guitar, synthesizers, vocals Robert Hansen: bass, guitar, vocals Magnus Ostgren: drums

    Interstitials taken from the Venture Bros. episode “Perchance To Dean” and the Young Ones episode “Summer Holiday”

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