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The Lyktgubbe from Bramble: The Mountain King, holding a glowing lantern, stoops to talk to a small figure in a dense forest awash with flowers.

The Lyktgubbe from Bramble: The Mountain King

My adult brain feels desperate to chase after lights in the forest, lights I haven’t seen in some time. As a child, I knew better.

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Fia, a character from Elden Ring, sits on a bed in a dramatic black hooded robe.

Goth Femmes of Elden Ring

Ranking Elden Ring’s goth femmes from “least” to “most” goth.

This Mortal Coyle
A close-up of Andreja from Starfield, looking suitably goth with black hair, downturned eyes and a soft, elegant expression. She poses behind a spiky metal structure that gives the impression of dead tree branches.

I Married My Goth GF in Starfield but I Feel Nothing

Starfield is Bethesda’s biggest game to date. More to explore, more dialogue options, more NPCs. So why don’t I feel attached to any of the characters?

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Hammer Horror Nightgown Ranking

It’s easy to get lost in the aesthetic pleasures of Hammer’s smooching Draculas and bangin’ 1970s haircuts on 19th century characters; you might gloss over the more ethereal wardrobe choices.

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KJ from Life After Magic, a cool-looking person with a punky bleach-blond haircut (replete with purple streak) a great 'fit, and excellent tattoos. They intimidate me.

KJ from Life After Magic

“There’s a bunch of different subcultures under the punk and goth umbrellas. Doesn’t always have to be about wearing black and being angry.”

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Elora the faun from Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage. She has her head turned upside down as if she's addressing someone lying on the ground; she wears a dress made of leafy foliage and bears a striking resemblance to a red fox.

Elora the Faun from Spyro 2: Ripto’s Rage

“I’m a faun, you dork!”

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A screencap from Skyrim shows Serana and the player character having a nighttime walk along a snowy path.

Skyrim and Existential Angst Redux

Why can’t I marry Serana? I would like to take this up with Todd Howard personally.

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Get Her What She Really Wants for Valentine’s Day and Avoid the Wrath of the Ancient Ones

A holiday gift guide that just might save your skin.

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On Organizing My Skyrim Library and Living in a Human Body

Organizing books makes me not care that I’m a decaying meat-coated skeleton living by the light of a dying star. I love skeletons! I love stars! Who cares, just let me read!

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The protagonist Bailey Ward from the videogame Switchcraft. She is a young woman with long auburn hair shaved on one side and an olive skin tone. She is casually dressed and smiling in what looks like the interior of a cafe.

Ruby Blue from Switchcraft

Ms. Blue’s aesthetics speak volumes: she wears librarian clichés – cardigans and tortoiseshell glasses – with bodycon animal prints, statement jewelry and long, blue nails.

A black and white engraving of a large ship on stormy seas.

The Mary Celeste

I watched the 1935 thriller The Mystery of the Mary Celeste (released in the U.S. as Phantom Ship). I took notes while watching, which include helpful annotations like “what is even happening” and “yikes this is racist.”

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Along an autumn path, a figure in a fur-collared cape and horned helmet leans over to retrieve a small log.

The Witch from Wytchwood

The main question I have while considering Wytchwood is, why isn’t this my life? Should I acquire a goat companion? Would the goat get along with my cat?

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Maureen Corley from Full Throttle

Were Ben Throttle and Maureen Corley secretly boning after all?

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A burning, post-apocalyptic landscape.

The Ultimate Apocalypse Team

Hunters/Gatherers/MacGyver-ers Assemble!

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Two young woman stand ready to either dance or fight in a town square at dusk.

Ginger from My Time at Portia

Romance and courtship in the post-dystopia.

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Three Neopets in a field with a rainbow.

Model_Interference the Aisha from Neopets

Deirdre goes to a magical land of friends and Flash.

This Mortal Coyle
Arthur Morgan drinks with Lenny at a bar.

Drinking With Arthur Morgan

One more couldn’t hurt, right?

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Joy Johnson-Johjima from Monster Camp

If I overheard someone talking about a bookish goth who listens to Rumours on repeat too much, I’d assume they were talking about me.

This Mortal Coyle

The Forest Spirit

“I would be grateful to see the forest come to life.”

This Mortal Coyle

Roach from The Witcher

Roach is always there for me.

This Mortal Coyle


Deirdre played these Beauty and the Beast-inspired games so that you, dear reader, don’t have to.

This Mortal Coyle

Gerry from Graveyard Keeper

I mean, really now, who hasn’t wanted to be friends with a talking, alcoholic skull?

This Mortal Coyle

Iris From the Drawn Trilogy

The concept of turning artwork into reality—into an escape—has never been more tempting.

This Mortal Coyle

Rowan from Seers Isle

This spectral figure makes an impression as a great storyteller long before she’s ever introduced.

This Mortal Coyle

The Ad Salesman from Animal Restaurant

Animal Restaurant is a mobile game that does the impossible: It makes promoting in-game ads adorable.

This Mortal Coyle

Jesse Faden from Control

Deirdre desperately wants to be friends with Jesse Faden, someone similarly comfortable with the surreal and unexplainable.

This Mortal Coyle

Asra from The Arcana

Who doesn’t love obsessively pondering over fictional characters’ tarot readings?

This Mortal Coyle

Goth Stereotypes as Videogame Characters

If you’ve never dabbled in goth subculture, you may not realize how many gothic sub-subcultures exist.

This Mortal Coyle

Alice from American McGee’s Alice

American McGee’s series seemed like a natural extension of Deirdre’s lifelong Alice in Wonderland obsession.

This Mortal Coyle

The Exile from Grim Soul

Deirdre survived a lonely summer by escaping to an equally lonely game.

This Mortal Coyle

Hoshi from How to Date a Magical Girl

Why bother trying to date in a dating sim when you can play with one very good dog!

This Mortal Coyle

Catboy the Cat, and Other Familiars

Deirdre lists some of the best cat (or cat-looking, at least) familiars in pop culture.

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The Abominable Snow Monster from SkiFree

An adorable cryptid from Microsoft’s 1991 Entertainment Pack for Windows makes it onto Deidre’s friend’s list.

This Mortal Coyle


For someone who constantly jokes about dying, the chance to date a ghost carries its own morbid comfort.

This Mortal Coyle


Just let players bang the robot, Todd Howard.

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If the outbreak happened outside my window, I’d be digging through drawers for my most metal band shirts and cursing my lack of foresight in not purchasing a black Violator babydoll.

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Just like Willow from Don’t Starve, Deirdre can’t control what goes on in the world. But she can keep her sanity meter up in the meantime.

This Mortal Coyle

The Encarta MindMaze Witch

Hidden in Microsoft Encarta ’95 lies one of the foundational goths of Deirdre’s childhood.

This Mortal Coyle


Donut County‘s Mira is The Best because of a) her punk aesthetic and b) her refusal to take any shit even as her world literally falls around her.

This Mortal Coyle

Top Ten Characters I Hate

I enjoyed the change of pace writing about characters I hate instead of characters I love. And being mean to characters whose feelings you can't hurt is fun now and then. - Deirdre Coyle

September 2018 is the first anniversary of This Mortal Coyle and, to celebrate, Deirdre Coyle lists ten characters that make her blood boil.