Dark City

George Collazo journeys to Menzoberranzan, the city where he learned to love reading.

Wash Blood with Blood – Sengoku Reviewed

George Collazo fulfills his dream of becoming shogun as he plays Sengoku from Paradox Interactive.

A Day in the Life of Batman: Arkham City Reviewed

George Collazo looks at Batman: Arkham City and sees a perfect Batman videogame.

Street Fight Break

Take They Might Be Giants, add in Rip Torn, hot sauce and street fight and what you have is a grand total of awesome.

The Hardest Working Man in Virtual Showbiz – An Interview with Darren Korb

George Collazo talks with musician and sound designer Darren Korb about his work on the Bastion soundtrack and his upcoming musical, Marry Me!

Darren Korb

T is for Turbo-Break

Drafthouse Films presents another awesome installment in their series, The ABCs of Death! T is for Turbo is splatterrific and a funfest in the vein of Hobo With a Shotgun.