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dissecting the world
Stu Horvath
too much analysis?
Sara Clemens
finding deeper meaning
Yussef Cole
fictional companions, goth concerns
Deirdre Coyle
where games meet real life
Ben Sailer
on the shelf
Gavin Craig
monthly metal
Astrid Budgor
streaming documentaries
Megan Condis
ridicule and reverence
Matt Marrone
a monthly soapbox
Rob Rich
games and ennui
Jason McMaster
games and world history
Corey Milne
Web Columns
indie games you shouldn't miss
Chan and Stanley
it's not fake, it's predetermined
Don Becker
romance and murder
Gingy Gibson
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Lineal Game of the Year Playable
Queen Without a Throne
Do we really expect the show to make a meaningful statement about the tenuous grip Westerosi women have on power?
Relational Quantum Mechanics and Game of Thrones
As a defender of criticism and a writer, one is perpetually thinking about story ideas. This affliction gets especially dangerous when it is paired with an idealist outlook.
Game of Thrones is a Call to Arms
“If the show is good, I think the audience will find it,” says Coster-Waldau of Game of Thrones. “It might take a while. It’s a series you have to invest in.”
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