Funeral Rites

ARC Turns Disaster Into a Fighting Chance

While ARC is a TTRPG about the end of the world, it uses humor and warmth as often as horror to imagine what responding to the apocalypse actually looks like.

Funeral Rites

Campfire Carnage Conjures the Real Monsters

Campfire Carnage writer Valkyrie T. Loughcrewe sees potential for “campsite as being for horror games what a dungeon is to fantasy,” an iterative space through which you can tell all sorts of stories.

Funeral Rites

Challenge Cult Horror with Maximum Mystic Punks Vol 2: Crypt

“I’ve always been fascinated with medieval crypts, ossuaries and mausoleums,” Mystic Punks series creator Anthony Meloro says. “So, placing a dungeon crawl in one is an obvious choice.”

Funeral Rites
A black and white etching of a fanciful city made up partly of large ships, with towers and buildings sprouting from the decks of huge man-o-wars.

Inventing a World of Insectoid Wonders

We delve into the mind of creator Eduardo Carabaño, exploring the history, philosophy, inspirations and design processes that carried Settlers of a Dead God from inception to publication.

Funeral Rites
A grayscale drawing of a female fighter standing in a windy field, hand resting on the hilt of her sword.

Making Friends with Swords in The Vorpal Almanac

Swords, writes Levi Combs in the book’s introduction, need “to feel lived in.” And that’s exactly the focus of the 22 blades of The Vorpal Almanac, beautifully illustrated by Sally Cantirino.

Funeral Rites

Depths of the Abyss

To play, at least for Max Moon in the world of The Abyss of Hallucinations and MÖRK BORG, is to participate in a ritual that can potentially break the reality laid out by the capitalist trap.

Funeral Rites

Composing the World of Ultraviolet Grasslands and the Black City

Luka Rejec’s world is suffused with mind-expanding, psychedelic heavy metal and is also inspired by “the Dying Earth genre, and Oregon Trail games.”

Funeral Rites
Detail from the cover of Runecairn shows the skull and spine of a serpent's skeleton rendered in bright pink and purple inks.

After Ragnarok: Featuring Colin Le Sueur

It’s a bold move for Le Sueur to make a Norse-inspired Souls-like tabletop roleplaying game, and yet he manages to avoid some extremely fraught territory.

Funeral Rites
A pen-and-ink drawing of a terrifying creature with a skull-like visage. The creature and the background are colored a vibrant magenta while its bright yellow eyes seem to pop from its skull.

The Neon Nightmare of Portents of the Degloved Hand

Portents of the Degloved Hand’s promotional material describes its purpose as adding “additional chaos, misfortune, and even dark humor” to MÖRK BORG.

Funeral Rites
A colorful drawing of several dinosaurs in pulpy sci-fi space uniforms engaging in battle with a robot horde.

Capturing Wonder and Play in Kosmosaurs

Diogo Nogueira’s most recent release, Kosmosaurs, harkens back to the classic aesthetics of pulp science fiction novels, but with a twist – dinosaurs!