The Board Soul: Action/Reaction

What would you do if you knew your opponents’ moves before they executed them?

A series of steampunky figures standing in a heroic formation above a indistinct background. This is promotional art for the game Mission: Red Planet.

Self Insert – Alpha/Beta/Omega FanFic

The things we saw when we searched Google images for Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics to illustrate this article would make all the cenobites in Hellraiser blush.

Last Week’s Comics 9/6/2017

Team Unwinnable shares their thoughts on Bankshot # 3 and Saga # 46.

A man in a blue hoodie, holding up a pregnant unconsious woman.Next to him is a yellow clad child. His text bubble reads "Stay the Hell Away from My Family"

Secret Hitler is Painfully Relevant

Shouting accusations of “Fascist!” and “Hitler!” across the table was no longer a fun novelty, it was a gross and uncomfortable reality.

On a noisey red background, there is the title Secret Hitler in bold white and black lettering and in the foregound is a stamp that reads "thank you." This is a promotional material for the game Secret Hitler.

Rookie of the Year – Folk Yea, Twitter!

The Rookie of the Year has the time of his life pestering performers at the Newport Folk Festival on Twitter.

Helping Ted Leo Help Himself

Perhaps I took Ted for granted, assuming he’d always tear through town again either on the festival footpath or in an Allston living room.

A carnival like atmosphere with a sketch of a man upside down in a water tub, framed by two people. This is the cover for Ted Leo's the Hanged Man.

Geralt Isn’t The Protagonist of Witcher 3

Witcher 3 is, in fact, a coming-of-age story about Ciri, a young woman coming to terms with her tremendous powers and responsibilities.

Silver haired warrior Geralt brings up an arm to an attacking man festooned in blue, red and white who has his own sword raised high. This is promotional image for Witcher 3.

The McMaster Files – The Slow Quiet Mortality of the Long Dark

Jason’s been killed by Nazis, mystical beasts and the hordes of hell, but this is the first time he’s ever been afraid of the snow. 

The Board Soul – Between Two Worlds

Board and video games are from very different worlds. But what happens when the two intermingle?

two large mechs, this is the cover art for the game Adrenaline

Monster Closets – Spelunker

Brock rediscovers the terrifying pitfalls of Spelunker.