A Softer West Part 2 – Trigun

Part two in a two-part essay explore the themes and style of Yaushiro Nightow’s wildly popular western manga.

A black and white still from the manga Trigun, showing a dark night sky with high cliffs meeting the horizon.

Monster Closets – Prisoner of Ice

Brock suffers some Lovecraftian horror in the old Infogrames adventure game Prisoner of Ice. Will he survive with his sanity intact?

Just Another TIE in the Death Star

The massive laser-based Battlefront II experience is not unlike kindergarten soccer.

A black clad stormtrooper, flanked by Darth Maul and Rey.

The Comforts of Playing With Food in Nour

One food I grew to love during my childhood is actually broccoli — not because of how it tastes, mind you, but because of its endless possibilities for play.

A bowl of 3D ramen.

Documentary Sunday – Beware the Slenderman

Megan Condis explores the chilling world of memes and Beware the Slenderman.

Rookie of the Year – It’s 2017, Coop

Matt attempts to piece together his brain after the finale of Twin Peaks blew it apart.

The Heavy Pour – Who Needs the Devil When You’ve Got the Lord?

Is Agent Dale Cooper still the hero of this story?

The Board Soul: Heroes’ Folly

Sometimes something in a game can feel like it doesn’t belong, an orphan lost within the tight clockwork of a game’s rules.

Symbiosis of the Troubadour and the Crowd

But Nick Cave and Touché Amoré have earned their fans through honest expressions, powerful storytelling, a willingness to embrace the stains of humanity in order to shine light on our virtues.

A sweaty man in a black shirt singing into a mic and being carried by a crowd. This is a still from Touche Amore.

No Accounting for Taste – The Right Wing Batman

In Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Rising, progressive politics gets dressed up in the costume of a terrorist super villain.