The World Ends With Youth

“The epitome of teenage isolation, Neku tried to understand other people, but his total lack of adult empathy makes them intrinsically unknowable, an unsolvable enigma.”

Treasure: The Moment

“Press A. Pray You Aren’t Torn Asunder.” Rob Haines on the history of the treasure chest and the infamous Mimics of Dark Souls.

Summer Fun Games

It’s summer and that means trips to the beach, lounging by the pool and vacations in the woods. We’ve got a list of amazing games for all your summer adventures.

A Place to Rest Your Head

At the end of a hard day’s heroism, sometimes you wanna go where nobody knows your name.

Gratifying Play

Rob Haines questions videogames’ sexual maturity.

The Road to Ruin

Rob Haines worries that always-online gaming is a road to a digital dark age.