Dead-End Narrative

“In a world full of challenges, when our lives are defined by one obstacle after another, violence is a dead-end narrative.”

Assumptive Weakness in Competitive Gaming

“He is a literal god,” exclaimed the eSports announcer with abandon about a particularly good Rocket League player.

Food Issue – Thoughts Recap Part 3 of 3

It’s time to explore, rock the hell out, chomp down a raw steak, then take a much needed break at a checkpoint.

To Walk From Left to Right

“What, then, does it really mean to walk from left to right? To press over, but not forward?“ Richard Clark questions our love of sidescrolling.

Reversing the Rewind

For Fan Fiction Week, Richard Clark journeys into the world of Braid.

In the Abstinence-Only Crowd

Richard Clark discusses abstinence and the occasional mindless indulgence.