Letter from the Editor

Unwinnable Monthly – January 2023

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Dear Reader,

Happy New Year!

I know, it’s not exactly the beginning of the year anymore.

This month’s cover feature (cover by Zack Giallongo) is Alma Roda-Gil on the kind of cyclical horror that Returnal is. Our second feature this month is Emma Kostopolus on avid television and movie imitator, Hideo Kojima.

As for our regular columnists we start the year with . . . Oluwatayo Adewole taking us back to 1966. Jay Castello on the new Pokémons. Maddi Chilton on the *checks notes* World Cup?! Emma Kostopolus gets Scornful. Matt Marrone went to Newport! Emily Price leads a colony of dwarves into obsession. Justin Reeve inhabits the husk of a dead titan. Rob Rich gets to streaming. Levi Rubeck went to a place with people and played a game with strangers. Phoenix is really looking forward to Hades 2: Hellish Boogaloo. Noah Springer reflects on 2022. Autumn Wright starts to get to the end of things.

Stay safe, wear a mask and climate change is real and causing more extreme weather!

See you all in a few weeks in Exploits!


David Shimomura
Chicago, Illinois
January 11, 2022


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