Letter from the Editor

Unwinnable Monthly – September 2017

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Wow, OK, this one is a big one! Which is good because the next few issues might run late for, well, reasons I explain in my column, so go read that ya busybody. Now, let’s see what we’ve got in this massively long issue…

Firstly, I would like to introduce our two newest columnists, Deirdre Coyle and Sara Clemens. Deirdre will be introducing us all to her imaginary friends – that is, the fictional characters she wishes she could hang out with. This month its Chloe from Life is Strange. Sara’s column is a potpourri in which she over analyzes everything, starting with her obsession of the moment, Twin Peaks Season 3.

Speaking of, that brings up the first of several small, accidental themes this issue. Matt Marrone is also on the Twin Peaks bandwagon, trying to piece together the wreck the finale made of his brain. Our second mini-theme is Batman. Gavin Craig goes for the head by trying to reconcile the myth with something more realistic. Adam Boffa goes for the legs, unpacking how Christopher Nolan’s Batman is a politically right-leaning superhero.

Meanwhile, Corey Milne and I both examine haunted houses. He’s looking at videogames What Remains of Edith Finch and  Anatomy. I’m writing about the house I live in. Spooky!

Rounding out our columns, Brock Wilbur tortures himself with the old Call of Cthulhu videogame Prisoner of Ice, Jason McMaster delights in the new XCOM DLC, Meg Condis watches the chilling documentary Beware the Slenderman, Rob Rich renews his devotion to his PS Vita and Casey Lynch brings us all the best metal of September (new Chelsea Wolfe, woo!). Fantastic watercolorist Ellie Gill gets a profile anda all our regular recommendations round us out. Amanda Hudgins’ fanfiction column and our crossword will be back next month.

OK, deep breath, we still have to do the features.

First, Ryan Cooper talks to Johnnemann Nordhagen about his upcoming game about American travelling and storytelling, Where the Water Tastes Like Wine. Pascal Wagner explains the very specific joys to be had playing Wolfenstein: The New Order while being German. Davis Cox investigates the complicated treatment of Southern culture in videogames. I think when you’re done, you’ll detect a loose sort of theme among them, too.

That’s enough from me. Go read! See you in October!

Stu Horvath
That Damned Spot, Kearny, New Jersey
September 13, 2017

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