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Unwinnable Monthly – January 2022

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Dear Reader,

Welcome to 2022!

First of all, I’d like to congratulate everyone on earning us a Gremlins issue this year. We’ve got some really exciting theme issues this year and some secret items we’ll be rolling out as well. I’m so grateful for everyone who has joined us recently and those who have upped their subscription to the annual level.

And now, the features. Our cover (photo by Stu) feature this month is Alma Roda-Gil dissecting the portrayal of vampirism in Midnight Mass. Next up is George Umbarger ascending in Slay the Spire. For our Unreal sponsored feature this month, Ben Sailer gets all mercenary in Project Haven.

And now, onto the columns!

First off, I’d like to welcome two new additions.

Levi Rubeck has been with us for a long while and his column reflects that. Levi’s a sharp mind, a renaissance man and he’s got a heart of gold. In his first piece he introduces himself to you all and talks about what the heck a “deep meteo” is anyway.

Emily Price should be familiar to previous subscribers as the writer of the excellent “Your Dearest Kin Below the Skin” from Issue #139. Ever since then she’s been someone on our short list for a column and I’m so happy to have her voice onboard as a regular contributor.

As for our normal rogues . . . Sara Clemens offers a glimpse back. Deirdre Coyle goes Full Throttle. Matt Marrone bought something very big! Julie Muncy accesses Halo: Infinite with The Matrix: Resurrections. Harry Rabinowitz reads . . . a cape comic!? Justin Reeve floats off to Japan. Rob Rich dusts off his spurs and heads out west. Phil Russell watches reality TV and posits a better way. Yussef Cole recalls the sting of a particular Atari 2600. Rob Rich pours one out for Brisco County, Jr. Ben Sailer ponders the different kinds of value videogames offer. Stu offers up another chapter from his forthcoming book.

Be warm, stay safe, wear a mask!

See you all in a few weeks in Exploits!

David Shimomura
Chicago, Illinois
January 11, 2022


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