A Sneak Peek of Season 2 of The Walking Dead

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Monsters, Aliens, and Holes in the Ground

It’s been a long nine months, and with three to go, it’s going to have to last a bit longer. During Sunday’s premiere of Breaking Bad, AMC treated viewers to a first look at the upcoming season of The Walking Dead, and while reviews on the end of the short first season were mixed, there was still enough there to make us want it to be Halloween again.

The one-minute clip features Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) taking care of business, throwing some rather large rocks at a pair of zombies and finishing things off with a necessary, maniacal bash to the head. The most that can be inferred from the clip is that the show’s creators are at least maintaining a consistent aesthetic, and if Grimes’ seeming desperation and lack of weaponry is any indication, things could be on the verge of getting pretty desperate for the gang – and as attached as we’ve become, that’s exactly where we want them to be.

The Walking Dead is set to get back to business on October 21, and there are plenty of loose ends (not to mention enough comic) left to make for some damn fine television. Oh, and don’t forget the whisper…

Check out the video here.

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