You Heard it Here First

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  • That whisper in the season finale of The Walking Dead that irked me so much? Last night, Unwinnable contributor John “Hambone” McGuire came up to me with giddy glee, claiming to have figure out what was said.

    “Your wife is pregnant.”

    I think Hambone’s got it dead to rights. Jenner absolutely could have learned that from the blood tests and Lori has been sleeping with both Rick and Shane frequently enough. It also makes more sense than directions to a safe place (the favorite internet theory, last I checked) and there is also precedent for it in the source comic book.

    What say you, Dear Reader?

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    27 thoughts on “You Heard it Here First

    1. Cock Diesel says:

      My theory is he said "Your best friend's sperm was found in your wife's blood sample somehow."

      "and so was mine."

    2. Oh snap! That totally makes sense. It'll be what unravels the whole "secret" affair. And everyone's going to assume it's all about the zombie plague.


    3. GenOm says:

      That's the wrong person to tell but another "fact" from the comics the doctor seemed to have been hinting about by being interested in their blood at all which has fundamental repercussions is that everyone is infected and when they die from whatever cause they will turn into zombies.

    4. George Collazo says:

      He might have said, "You're doing a great job, but your accent is wavering."

    5. Stu Horvath says:


    6. kdub says:

      I'm assuming he told him how long she's been pregnant and that it started when he wasn't around.

    7. Trevor says:

      First Chekov's grenade, now Chekov's whisper? I'm going to need to brush up on my Ward no. 6

    8. John McGuire says:

      I was pretty psyched when this came to me. I celebrated with beers.

    9. Lou says:

      John, you celebrate everything with beers!

    10. John McGuire says:

      Thats not 100% true, sometimes I celebrate with Vodka.

    11. Rob Roberts says:

      From the look on Rick's face, I think Jenner told him that Romero's taking over as producer for season two.

    12. John McGuire says:

      Oh yes you did!

    13. Rob Roberts says:

      Then he'll change the show's name to "The Walking Dud."

    14. ChrisV25 says:

      He told him "It was Marcellas Wallace's soul in the suit case."

    15. John McGuire says:

      See, now this is an idea I can get behind.

    16. he said "psssst the worlds over pass it on "

    17. ChrisV25 says:

      Actually, based on how they are "re-imagining" the story from the book, I think you're take is spot on.

    18. Julia G. says:

      I am so f'ing sick of all you British actors coming over here and getting all the good roles!

    19. Julia G. suck my bal says:

      its because us brit's know how to act. un like u fat fucks. stick to yr mcdonalds its all u are good at doing. this my friend is a true fact

    20. Jamie Oliver says:

      Hmm, not too accurate there… If there was a Zombie Apocalypse in the UK, the rest of the world would have some time before the corpses are finished through and through. Are you having a laugh?

      Jamie Oliver

      P.S. I'm not American

    21. Whit says:

      I think he told him that "you actually WERE dead in that hospital and you're just a high-functioning zombie."

      Or, he told him "the plague is airborne and it's killing everybody slowly so there's no point." He also told him earlier that the blood tests showed "Nothing unexpected."

    22. Whit says:

      BTW, the reason Rick 'reanimated' to a more functional state than mindless zombie had something to do with an item left in his hospital room by someone. End of hint.

    23. marwan says:

      news about the crazy capitain hook????

    24. nd says:

      hmm -nods- that actually sounds really close to a serious lead…can be revealed later on as a re-charge to the serie if it gets boring, it can be a logic-wise win, production-wise win, story-wise win!

    25. Julia G. says:

      We are guessing what the actor in the photo above is whispering to the other actor. I personally have great regard for British actors. Perhaps you should actually read what this web page is about. But thank you for letting me eat at McDonalds, though I usually cook my own meals.

    26. tanana says:

      Rick is immune!

    27. i dont think its preggas says:

      i dont think its lori being knocked up i just seen him find out and he looked fuckin gobsmacked

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