If You Hype It, They Will Come: The Dark Knight Rises Teaser Released

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The Internet is rejoicing today as Warner Bros. has officially released the Dark Knight Rises teaser. Nearly a week after a shoddy camera phone video of the trailer leaked onto the web and immediately disappeared (thereby all but guaranteeing its legitimacy), here’s the real McCoy – a Ra’s al Ghul voiceover from Batman Begins and Commissioner Gordon giving Batman a pep talk:

As expected, there really isn’t much to be learned from any of this save for the PR-killing skills of the Internet and that Tom Hardy looks pretty badass (for all of the one second we see him). The instance of Ra’s al Ghul is nothing to get too excited over. It could just as easily be a moment of self-reference as it is of Neeson’s return to the role.

What we have here is fan service at best – a moving version of the film’s poster with scenes from the first two films to remind us why we want to see this movie. Nolan et al. still have a long way to go. Filming is still in its nascent stages and the rumor mill is far from petering out. Let’s just hope things quiet down before the film burns itself out. It’s no secret how we at Unwinnable feel about over-hyping anything, and with 367 days until the film is actually released, we can tell you with a clean conscience there will be plenty more to get excited about.