Batman: Arkham City Collector’s Edition Details (You Guessed It) Leaked.

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  • In the wake of Warner’s Bros. Internet scorched earth policy taking down the leaked Dark Knight Rises teaser, it looks like some details about a collector’s edition of Batman: Arkham City have slipped through the cracks and, of course, disappeared again.

    While no details have been officially released, for $99.99 one will apparently receive a statue, a book, early access to add-ons and exclusive animated content. The collector’s edition looks to be laden with incentives, which isn’t a bad thing considering the price tag.

    You can color Unwinnable only half excited for this. The game looks great, you can’t argue that, but with standard editions of the game set to run at about $59.99, it’s really for the add-ons and animated content that people are going to pony up the extra $40 – the statue and book are a nice thought but won’t do more than collect dust somewhere (because you can be sure they won’t make the fated trip back to GameStop). But hey, with all the hullaballoo over all things Batman these days, at least in videogameland we get something tangible.


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