Letter from the Editor
A narrow view of the Doomslayer in a hallway full of dead demons with a cacodemon looming behind.

Unwinnable Monthly – July 2022

The cacodemon behind Doomguy, in a hallway full of dead demons.This is a reprint of the letter from the editor in Unwinnable Monthly Issue 153. You can buy Issue 153 now, or purchase a monthly subscription to make sure you never miss an issue!


Dear Reader,

There is one among you who wanted to rip and tear more than any other. That person is Ben Sailer. Themeslayer. We largely do these themes because they’re fun, weird and give people a reason to stretch their sandbox a bit. This one we did because of Ben’s incredible and threatening aura.

Welcome to DOOM.

Ben Sailer is, unshockingly, one of the feature writers this month. He’s refreshing a piece he did a while ago and it’s great to see how far he’s come and the new scope he tackles. Also joining us this month is Ollie Hardy. Ollie brings a really amazing evocative view of Mars and it caused me to take a look at some of the games I play in real places in a different light. What is it like to desire a fantasy of a place no one has ever been? Ollie gets at it.

As for our regular columnists I’d like to bring to you . . . Matt Marrone, going where no one should ever go. Justin Reeve reminding us of the hell of corporate life. Rob Rich looking forward by looking back. Levi Rubeck who gets into doom . . . metal. Amanda Hudgins taking on the antithesis of ripping and tearing. Noah Springer, telling us about his DOOM Christmas traditions! Alyssa Wejebe, writing about Doomguy’s bestie. And Phoenix Simms talks to her dad. Stu Horvath digs into the origins of his buddy the cacodemon. Also, me, with a retrospective about why DOOM should be eternal.

Stay safe, wear a mask and fight like hell to preserve the right to safe, affordable and equitable abortion services to all who want them!

See you all in a few weeks in Exploits!

David Shimomura
Chicago, Illinois
July 14, 2022


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