Letter from the Editor

Unwinnable Monthly – May 2024

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Welcome sports fans!

I am of course assuming that some of you out there do a enjoy sports, something that sometimes it feels like only about three of us in the Unwinnable offices seem  like.

One feature this month and it’s timely: ten years on, Luis Aguasvivas looks at Child of Light, a game that would absolutely never get made in the way it did now.

For this month’s Funeral Rites, brought to you by our friends at Exalted Funeral, Maddi Chilton has Tephrotic Nightmares.

As for our regular rogues . . . Oluwatayo Adewole goes to the heart of true crime. Jay Castello goes to the underworld. Maddi Chilton reads books from a list. Deirdre Coyle taps out. Emma Kostopolus has a tiny electric enemy. Matt Marrone finds authenticity in an unlikely place. Justin Reeve digs up the oldest timey place. Rob Rich takes on cinema’s favorite policeman. Levi Rubeck connects to some distant beats. Ben Sailer is late to the issue but not to the party. Phoenix Simms is not talking about Alice in Chains. Noah Springer finds the beef. And finally, Autumn Wright looks to fall…of civilizations.

See you all in the next Exploits!

David Shimomura

Chicago, Illinois

May 7, 2024


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