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A series of fleshy, toothy monstrosities on a log ride.

Unwinnable Monthly – February 2023

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Dear Reader,

Welcome to February!

If you’ve been following us online you’ve seen Deirdre Coyle’s Valentine’s Day buyers guide, for you last-last minute shoppers I hope it has served you well!

This month’s cover feature (cover by Nick Tofani) is Braden Timss on the special kind of surrealism that is a modded theme park. Our second feature this month is Brian Hendershot on a world on its last legs, Dirty Bomb.

This month also marks the start of our new feature series sponsored by tabletop RPG publisher and distributor Exalted Funeral – first up is Phillip Russell’s chat with Kosmosaurs designer Diogo Nogueira.

As for our regular columnists, let’s start with . . . Maddi Chilton on Eve Babitz. For those of you who haven’t read it please find Deirdre Coyle’s suggestions on how to make Valentine’s Day Halloween. Emma Kostopolus tries to fix the USG Ishimura. Matt Marrone had a robot write his column. Phoenix Simms goes onto a small chain of islands. Emily Price hangs out with some Normal People. Justin Reeve looks back at the architecture of 2022. Rob Rich reflects on Persona. Levi Rubeck is still at PAX Unplugged. Ben Sailer embraces Groundhog Day by playing Deathloop. And Noah Springer reflects on 1993.

Stay safe, wear a mask and climate change is real and causing more extreme weather!

See you all in a few weeks in Exploits!

David Shimomura
Chicago, Illinois
February 12, 2023


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