Technology and games for children

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Do you play video games for fun or educational purposes? Children enjoy online pokies games because they offer them several benefits. They provide entertainment value, challenge, and social interaction, and help develop skills such as problem-solving, creativity, memory, attention, concentration, and hand-eye coordination. Here are the advantages of videos games to children:

Provide an opportunity to escape from the daily routine and have a break from reality.

It helps in developing imagination and creative thinking.

Increase interest in reading and writing

Playing video games makes it easy to learn vocabulary by memorizing words used on game screens. This will increase their chance of getting good grades.

Help in improving language skills

Language is often used in gaming situations which can be very helpful for children’s language development.

Helps in learning new things

Video games allow players to practice skills required to perform certain tasks. For example, playing real money online roulette game allows children to learn how to dribble basketballs, bat balls, throw punches, kick soccer balls, etc. They become more aware of the action taking place around them which may increase their awareness of what they should do next. This can later be applied to everyday life activities.

Improve coordination and motor skills

By repeatedly performing actions while playing games, one might improve his/her ability to accurately coordinate many different body parts such as eyes, hands, feet, legs, arms, and head. When all these movements work together, they lead to improved motor skills. This usually improves during childhood but video games also contribute to this development.

Enhances cognitive abilities

Many video games involve complex puzzles. Puzzles require logical reasoning for a solution and understanding the rules that govern the puzzle. This requires critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Thus, they stimulate the brain to develop higher-level thinking processes.

Develops focus and concentration

Some video games require players to pay close attention to details. This develops concentration and focus.

Improves visual perception

Playing video games stimulates the eye muscles and increases the ability to see objects. This helps in enhancing visual perception.


There are many reasons why parents should let their kids play video games. However, before allowing your child to play video games, make sure he/she understands the risks involved. 


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