A Sunny Press Release from the Nintendo of 2020

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE- Nintendo Co. Ltd is proud to announce an unprecedented new partnership and collaboration with world renowned director/developer Hidetaka Miyazaki on this, the five year Nintendaversary of NX. Miyazaki is known to gamers world round as the pioneer behind such groundbreakingly difficult games as Dark Souls, Dark Souls 2, Dark Souls 3 and Dark Mechas. Now, exclusively for the Nintendo NX, he will be partnering with Shigeru Miyamoto on Nintendo Souls, the first Souls game to feature characters drawn from the extensive, colorful, and “smashing” universe of Nintendo.

In its fifth record breaking year, the NX continues to be an industry leader in innovative games and gameplay experience for the best fans in the world. Miyazaki joins other world renowned developers Hideki Kamiya and Hideo Kojima in developing new and exciting products for as part of our continuing campaign to enhance our position as the premier platform for not just videogames but as a platform for all household entertainment.

With an anticipated holiday 2022 release, Nintendo Souls will also add to our ever expanding portfolio of faceplates and customizations. In addition to the existing Mario, Mario Kart, Metroid, Super Smash Bros., Donkey Kong, Zelda, and Star Fox accessories, N-Souls accessories will release with the game. These tags, gels, faceplates, and custom LEDs have given our players the ability to not only own an NX but to make that NX truly theirs in a way that reminds everyone that Nintendo understands it’s fans want to see how devoted they are to the characters they love. Our fans are a special, devoted breed and we want their friends to know that when they see each unique NX in their living room.

We are also pleased to announce that N-Souls will take advantage of Amiibo 4.0 technology to make gaming on the go even easier. Since the release of last year’s Amiibo 3.0 mobile device users with NFC technology have been able to transfer their saves from between console NX games and iOS or Android version (separate purchase required). This unrivaled game technology will allow players to access inventories, maps, accessories, and Nintendo Second Screen technology to play games both on the big screen and the small screen. The new Amiibo 4.0 technology will allow users for the first time to not only invade the mobile devices of those they pass while carrying an N-Souls amiibo or if they bring their N-Souls amiibo to a participating retailer with their N-Spot enabled Hotspot.

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