White Whale

I’m 30 years old, sitting in a basement jam space in the worst part of Vancouver. My best friends conveniently form a band. Sitting in on practice is the best way to see them all at the same time. Despite the mildew and cigarette smoke slowly choking the life from me, this is one of my favorite places in the world.

The Other Side of the Hunt

Michael Rousseau shows Monster Hunter from a wyvern’s-eye-view.

The Path of Suffering

Michael Rousseau struggles through Depression Quest.

Pellet Tracers

Michael Rousseau plays paintball and the FPS is never the same again.

Mighty Morphin’ Cultural Phenomenon

Michael Rousseau dives into the massive Power Rangers: From Mighty Morphin’ to Lost Galaxy DVD box set and surfaces with a brief history of one of America’s strangest cultural phenomenons.

Playing With Us

Mike Rousseau examines Skylanders‘ effects on some young imaginations.