10 Hidden Secrets of GTA V

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The video game world has always been relatively mysterious. During a video game’s history, some characters’ characteristics or even unknown abilities have been revealed. However, developers go further and involve some advantages that are not well-known to players.

One of the games that has benefited the most from these secret advantages has been the famous GTA game. Below, we tell you some of the best-kept secrets of the game.

1. Santos Turner Workshop

In this lucrative business, you can expertly upgrade your clients’ vehicles and earn substantial money for each sale. Make meticulous aesthetic and performance modifications to significantly increase the value of the cars and unlock impressive profits ranging from $50,000 to $100,000.

2. Stunt and Metamorphosis Races

Enjoy the thrill and excitement of these special races. Prepare to face thrilling challenges, impressive jumps, and unique obstacles as you compete against other players. In addition to the fun, you can earn rewards and money based on your performance in these races.

3. Adversary modes

Connect with the different game modes, which include different challenges. From “Last Team Standing,” you must survive team death matches to foot races in which you must run and dodge obstacles to reach the finish line. 

Participate in these modes and show your great skill against other players.

4. Heists

You can organize and complete sequential heists in the game and in this way, you will be able to obtain profits or bonuses of 10 million dollars.

Create groups of friends and work together to carry out strategic robberies, overcome obstacles and secure a big haul.

5. Import and Export Missions.

Try to invest in a specialized workshop to venture into the business of importing and exporting vehicles. Purchase luxury cars, make necessary upgrades, and sell them to interested buyers for profit. Depending on the demand and value of the vehicle, you can earn up to $100,000 for each successful sale. The highest-paid cars are:

  • Benefactor Schwartzer: $8,000 GTA
  • Obey Rocoto: $8,500 GTA
  • Lampadati Felón: $9,000 GTA
  • Gallivanter Baller: $9,000 GTA
  • Lampadati Felón GT: $9,500 GTA

However, you can also find options with lower investment and profit, such as the Zirconium Stratum: $1,000 GTA

  • Albany Washington: $1,500 GTA
  • Imponte Phoenix: $2,000 GTA
  • Maibatsu Penumbra: $2,400 GTA 

6. Simeon’s Vehicle Request 

Simeon, a character in the game, will ask you to acquire specific cars for him. Find them by stealing or purchasing them, then deliver them to Simeon for quick money. These cars are usually scattered across the map, exciting the search and capture.

7. Banking never beats blackjack

Banking never beats blackjack is a phrase in GTA V that highlights the allure and risk of gambling. It emphasizes that, despite the odds, players can experience the excitement and potential rewards of blackjack while cautioning against relying on financial institutions to succeed in the game. Today, we have seen how casinos have evolved to give players a better chance of winning. Experts like CasinoBonusCA help players understand the value of each online casino bonus from the different online casinos found on the web. It doesn’t matter if the game is a slot or a classic card game; the goal is to give the player a chance to win. Now, in the GTA game, it is unnecessary to resort to a bonus for the win as there is a money-making gimmick. By applying this trick, you can always win a lot of chips at the Blackjack table.

8. Weekly challenges

You can select the weekly challenges offered by GTA V as well as special events. Completing these challenges in the allotted time can achieve additional rewards such as extra money, experience points and exclusive items. 

Keep an eye on the weekly challenges and participate in increasing your income and getting additional advantages.

9. Cayo Perico Heist

Get ready to carry out a major heist on the island of Cayo Perico. Complete the necessary preparations, gather your team, and execute the heist with precision. Steal valuable goods and then sell them for significant profits. This special mission offers a unique experience in a tropical setting, with multiple approaches and strategic possibilities. Carefully plan each step and ensure you maximize your earnings by selling the stolen goods.

10. Select missions that offer better earnings

Some missions can provide you with higher profits quickly. Choosing among these options is a way to increase your income more efficiently.

Some of the highest-paid tricks are:

  • Landing strip
  • Demon motorcycles
  • Diamonds for Trevor. 

There are many more. You have to decide and start taking risks.


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