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Music is therapy in life. Whether you love listening to classical or rock music, it’s important to choose the right type of music that helps motivate you during your workouts.

Classical Music

Classical music is easy on the ears and goes great for working out and best online slots games. It’s very relaxing and works well for weight loss because it reduces stress hormones like cortisol which increase after a stressful workout. When we reduce stress, we improve metabolism and lose belly fat slower! Music can also help us get into better shape as we move more often. I like listening to Mozart while working out!

Rap Music

Rap music might be good for burning calories but too much of it can make you sweat less. If you enjoy rapping at the gym don’t expect to burn tons of calories because it’s not going to happen.

Jazz Music

Jazz music is another type of music that increases our metabolic rate without making us tired. The reason why jazz is so high energy is due to its rhythm and blues base. This style of music may not work well if you’re looking to tone up since its slow tempo won’t allow you to build muscle.

Rock Music

You’ve probably heard this one before and it never fails to deliver! When we lift weights and push ourselves to our limits, we need music. Musically-induced perspiration (EVP) happens when we exercise to music. Studies show that people who work out with music have higher levels of endorphins than those who don’t.

Country Music

Country music tends to relax us before a big event like an interview or date. So, it gets rid of tension. Research shows that country songs are easier to sing along to than other types of music. That’s because the notes are grouped and there aren’t any sharps or flats.

Pop Music

There’s just something about pop music that makes us want to dance even though we exercise regularly. Although some types of pop music such as hip hop can benefit from


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