Which are the Most Popular Game Genres Being Played Right Now?

It’s hard to keep track of all the games that are being released these days. Between the PS5, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, there are plenty of new titles coming out every week. But which ones are the most popular? We’ve rounded up five genres that are currently dominating the gaming world: action, racing, casual, sports, and strategy games.

Within these genres, there are thousands of titles to choose from. Whether you want to practice a strategy to play poker online or simply pass some time with a casual game with simple-to-learn rules, there’s a game out there for everyone.

Action games

Action games are the most popular type of video game right now, and they are also the most recognizable. Action games are characterized by their emphasis on performing a specific action, such as shooting or jumping and running. They can be divided into subcategories, such as first-person shooters and platformers (like Super Mario).

Some examples of action games include Street Fighter, Halo, and Assassin’s Creed.

Racing games

Racing games are about driving cars or go-karts and racing against others. Sometimes, you can race against yourself by trying to beat your own personal best time on a particular track or course. Racing games can also be played as single-player or multiplayer, either with a split screen or playing over the internet from anywhere in the world.

These games challenge players to drive cars at high speeds while avoiding obstacles or simply to complete laps of a track based on real-life circuits. Popular racing game franchises include Need For Speed and Mario Kart.

Mobile racing games often require you to simply tilt your phone from side to side to steer, whereas console games can require a much more elaborate setup. Some racing fans even get steering wheels and pedals to control their virtual vehicles.

Casual games

Casual games are easy to pick up and play, and they’re often free. They can be played on a smartphone or computer and are generally played just for fun rather than competitively.

Casual games are often known as “easy to learn, difficult to master.” This means that casual gamers can play the game without much trouble, but there are still plenty of challenges to keep them engaged (and sometimes frustrated).

These games often involve simple puzzles or tasks that can be completed in just a few minutes (or even less); however, they can be quite addictive.

Casual games might not be as flashy as others, but they offer players a chance to unwind after work or school by playing something simple yet satisfying, like Solitaire or Sudoku.

Sports games

Sports games are a type of game that simulates the playing of traditional physical sports. They are usually designed to replicate the rules and objectives of their respective sports and may also include real-world leagues, clubs, and competitions.

Some sports video games focus on recreating an existing sport while others tend to be original creations based on common aspects from several different sports.

Sports games give us an opportunity to compete against each other while there are no real matches to watch on TV, and can often be more exciting too! Some sporting games also require you to move your body and simulate playing the sport in question – whether it’s swinging a golf club or throwing fake punches in a boxing match.

Strategy games

Strategy games are perhaps the most popular genre in gaming today. This is especially true when it comes to PC and console gaming. However, strategy fans can also enjoy their favorite titles through online or offline play. These games are often complex and involve a lot of planning, and players need to think ahead. The goal of these types of games is usually to conquer an enemy base or territory by building up your forces and attacking at just the right time with overwhelming numbers.


With the rise of mobile gaming, people can game anywhere, anytime, so it’s no surprise that there are so many popular game genres. Some of these game genres have been around for decades and have evolved into something even more fun than ever before—you just need access to an internet connection and some time on your hands.


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