Letter from the Editor
Pixel art Ghosts in front of haunted house.

Unwinnable Monthly – May 2022

The cover of Unwinnable Monthly 151 with pixel art ghosts in front of a haunted house.This is a reprint of the letter from the editor in Unwinnable Monthly Issue 151. You can buy Issue 151 now, or purchase a monthly subscription to make sure you never miss an issue!


Dear Reader,

First of all, I want to thank you all of bearing with us last issue. We don’t often take a joke that far but when the opportunity struck, well, the ball got rolling fast. I wish you could have seen the excitement and sheer glee that went into that issue but I think some degree shows in the final product.

Our cover (by Seb Westcott) feature this month is Alma Roda-Gil talking about the ghosts that haunt Cyberpunk 2077. Next up is Jonathan Thumas talking about the unfulfilled promise of treasure chests throughout the Souls games. For our Epic Games sponsored feature this month, Phoenix Simms looks at Pull Stay, a hikikomori tower defense game.

This month, please join me in welcoming a new columnist, Alyssa Wejebe! Alyssa may be familiar to you from Issue #124. Who would have thought she’d be joining as a full-on columnist. Alyssa will be covering a wide range of nonhuman and nonhuman-adjacent characters and I’m thrilled to be able to say that’s a beat someone is covering here. And this month that nonhuman is Kirby!

And now, onto the regular columns!

This month Yussef Cole does a barrel roll into uncharted territory. Amanda Hudgins returns with an interview! Matt Marrone watches You and gazes into a horrific mirror. Emily Price covers a wide swath and lands on NORCO. Justin Reeve takes us back in time to the Indus Valley. Rob Rich peers again into the sky that is for no man. Levi Rubeck gets tactical with The Anacrusis. Phil Russell looks into the darkness to spot The Batman. Ben Sailer takes the slow road into Gran Turismo 7. Noah Springer escapes the epistolary frame with an exciting spring set of beats. This month’s excerpt from Stu’s book tackles the Players Handbook. Sara Clemens waxes poetic on impulses.

Stay safe, wear a mask and remember that anyone who can become pregnant deserves access to an abortion!

See you all in a few weeks in Exploits!

David Shimomura
Chicago, Illinois
May 10, 2022

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