Letter from the Editor

Unwinnable Monthly – April 1872

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Dear Reader,

It was only six months ago that my city burned.

Perhaps only through the grace of some awful and divine power the blaze headed north as it crossed the river and I was not forced to flee from my home. But as you’ll read this has been a time of great conflagration for us all.

I say now to you that I am grateful for you all in what has been a time of change and tumult. And as such, I present to you Unwinnable Monthly, a great cultural experiment for our time, forged in the blaze of this uncertain and thrilling moment. A magazine I pray shall see no fewer than 150 years of prosperity!

As such, allow me to introduce our cover this month and its attached feature, an introduction to the Epic of Gilgamesh by Stuart Graham Horvath. Backing this up is Aloysius Edwards on the current state of youthful diversions. Also, I am now introducing our sponsored feature from great and powerful Epic Games, by Levi Rubeck on RPGScenery. We also feature Brian Taylor, with some additional entertainments.

And now, onto the columns!

For this voyage I am terribly pleased to be joined by one Deirdre Coyle, on the topic of the Mary Celeste! Matthew Marrone embarked to the new art exhibition house; the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Emily Price offers a reprint from our dear friends at the Gowanus Gazette. I have previously alluded to this, but Justin Reeve tells of the great tragedy that has befallen Boston with its on great fire. Robert Rich discusses “germ theory” and I do agree, it should be something of serious import! Leviathan Olbeck on the great match of the British Chess Association. Local melon farmer Jedediah Honeydew has a completely curious tale of intrigue you may not believe! Phoenix Simms brings dispatches of the great global communication network we see in our time. Also, we publish a letter by Sigurd Springer to speak of music of note. Many are available to be telegraphed at your convenience.

Additionally contributing, an artful diversion from Peter Newell.


David Shimomura, Philanthropist
Chicago, Illinois
April 13, 1872


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