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Unwinnable Monthly – May 2019 – PETS!

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Welcome to May and the long-awaited Pets issue. So many pets. Take your allergy pills, folks.

First off, big thank you to Diana Teeter for the amazing cover art. I’ve always wanted, but never had, a hedgehog as a pet, so a hedgehog seemed a natural subject for the cover of the pets issue. We profiled Diana’s art back in March of last year, but seeing as how it is so animal-centric, we caught up with her again this issue. You’ll find that right before the theme stories.

And what a theme it is. Gavin Craig introduces us to all this only cats. Deirdre Coyle introduces us to her familiar, and then quite a few more. Rob Rich celebrates his many animal companions in videogames.

Ben Sailer takes a look at the role of dogs in war-themed videogames. David Shimomura interviews the owner of the Can You Pet the Dog Twitter account. Yussef Cole takes a look at Home Free and ponders how dogs (and their spaces) reveal inequities in city living. I revisit the only dog I love, the one from Fable II.

Sara Clemens examines the weird interplay between her fear of horses in real life and her love of them in videogames. Melissa King catalogs seven videogame chickens and ranks their ability to kick her ass. Finally, the gang introduces you to their own pets.

We have a few non-pet columns as well. Megan Condis looks at the work of documentarian Angès Varda. Corey Milne reveals the silliness at the heart of Sekiro. Matt Marrone reports on the Battle of Winterfell. And, of course, Astrid Bugdor recommends her favorite metal of the last month. We also have an interview with the folks behind Hyper Jam as our sponsored story.

Slightly shorter issue this time around, owing to the theme. We’ll be back to the regular length and format next month. See you in two weeks with the next issue of Exploits!

Stu Horvath
Kearny, New Jersey
May 14, 2019

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