Unwinnable House

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  • After GDC 2012, someone asked, “Why can’t we all just live together and be awesome?” For GDC 2013, we decided to give that a shot and rented a 19-room mansion on the Panhandle of Golden Gate Park. Over the course of the week, more than 20 journalists slept under our roof at one time or another. Surprisingly, none of them brought even a single Nerf gun, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t have our share of fun. We have a ton of videos in the works to share with you, detailing our time at the conference, the amazing people we met and the secret salon we held the last night of the trip. All of that will be coming soon, but like every good sitcom, we thought it would be good to introduce the house and its residents in a good old-fashioned credit sequence. Welcome to Unwinnable House.